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Writer / Director

Anthony grew up here in the Fingerlakes area of New York. He went on to study at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in film special effects. As he was in school the movie "Jurassic Park" came out and instead of going to LA where special effects had become more computerized. He chose to go to Orlando, FL to work for theme parks. Anthony is a lover of practical effects and cinema. He also has written a children's book and is in pursuit of following his passion of always wanting to make movies. "Fingerlakes Grindhouse Presents Till Death Do Us Part" will be his first feature film and  directorial debut.


Roger Corman, Llyod Kauffman, Stallone


A true fan of the old B-Movies from the Drive-in's


Cast & Crew


Anthony DaBone

Veronica DaBone

as Anthony

as Veronica

Willow May

as Violet

Jen Soprano

as Kara

Jennifer Montone

as Lily

Robert Zicari

as Rob Black


John Frank Finizio

Chris Peluso

Dominick Valerio

Anthony Pierce

David Antonacci

Cecilla Tanner

Pamela Rasha


Set Design

Sound and Editing

Lead Makeup Artist

Supporting Makeup Artist

Supporting Makeup Artist

Supporting Makeup Artist

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